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Fun fact: I am NOT a city girl. So living in Hong Kong probably seems like a bad choice, right? Wrong! You may not know this, but beyond the towering skyscrapers of this concrete jungle is an entire universe of wilderness that beckons you to explore. From the tropical hiking trails that unwind into sandy beaches to the unusual rocky formations of Pineapple Mountain, HK has it all.
It will involve a few changes on the MTR and a bit of forward planning, but if you’re willing to venture away from the Island, Hong Kong’s real beauty will reveal itself to you. And believe me, once you’ve experienced it, you will be left yearning to see more!
So, this leads me on to my new favourite hike here in the +852 – Pineapple Mountain. Dubbed as a “mini grand canyon”, this trail is off the grid, away from the crowds and great for all levels. So read on to find out more…

Difficulty: 3/10

Duration: 2 – 3 hours (depending on how you get back, more explained below)

Of course, don’t forget to bring suncream and water! This place is pretty god damn arid.


Pineapple Mountain is out in the New Territories but it is way worth the journey. Simply take the MTR to Siu Hong and then the red light rail #505 to Leung King station.

Go around Leung King Plaza then take a left on the road. The road will then curve left and you will see the trail head on your right. After that, you will approach a hill with a clear path up that will probably have quite a few other hikers on it.  It’s impossible to miss.

From here, it’s a steep slope up to the canyon. This is the hard bit. Power on, I believe in you!

Just keep following the track, you’ll be there in no time! When you get to the top, it should look something like this…


WOWWWEEE. Okay okay, so it’s not quite the Grand Canyon itself, but a spectacular place nonetheless! You may be wondering what resemblance this shares with a pineapple. Well, apparently the man who coined “Pineapple Mountain” did so due to its unique yellow rock formation which reminded him of HK’s famous pineapple buns. Makes perfect sense now, right…? (I’m thinking he was just hungry when he saw it, tbh).


The most Instagramable place in Hong Kong? I think so. Spend some time taking in this insane view. You can even see Shenzen’s coastline all the way across the sea!

But be careful not to get too close to the edges. The uneven, sandy ground is a bit precarious. (I 100% did not climb onto the dodgiest looking rock on the edge of a cliff  to get this photo, promise…).


The journey down is a lot longer than the journey up. You will be walking for quite a long time but it is a straight line down so just follow the path. You will suddenly see a sign about being all illegal and stuff. But there were quite a few people doing this hike and there are no warnings until the very end. We also didn’t die.

I would personally recommend skipping this whole part out by just turning around and going back the way you came. Once you’ve seen the canyon itself, just do a 360 and go back to Leung King. It’s a lot quicker and taking the longer route to the village really doesn’t come with any great views or extra benefits!

But if you do decide to take the long route down, right after this sign is where the road will split in two. From there, take a left and follow the sign and there will be a little village called Ha Pak Nai. You will pass a beach that a lot of bloggers claim is a beautiful place to watch the sunset. Do not believe them. It stinks.

You will quickly come to the village where there are some fruit stalls and a local restaurant. From here, you can take a minibus to Tin Shui Wai MTR and head home! Happy hiking!

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