The Best Instagram Spots in Hong Kong

From the neon scrawl of street signs to the tropical floras of it’s winding trails, the effervescence of Hong Kong life will leave an ever-lasting imprint on any traveller. Whether you’re exploring the languid fishing villages or grabbing an egg waffle in Mongkok,  photo opportunities  will jump out and assault you at every moment. If you’re planning a trip to the +852 or just want to up your Instagram game, I’ve made it easy for you. Here are some of my favourite places to take an Instagram photo in Hong Kong…

the best instagram spots in hong kong

Here’s where to go for some of the best Instagram spots in Hong Kong…


With over 70% of Hong Kong’s landscape being made up of winding trails and golden beaches, don’t miss out on the opportunity of capturing its wilderness. When you finally reach the top of the iconic “Lion Rock”, the sweeping vista of Kowloon will make it worth your while. Wander along the spine of Dragon’s Back where you can survey the azure mantle of the South China Sea. Or, take the MTR out to the New Territories and visit Hong Kong’s  “Grand Canyon”. A lesser known photography hot spot, these unusual, Mars-like cliffs will make you feel a thousand miles (and light years) from the hustle of Central. Find out how to reach it here. You could even attempt a night hike, grab your camera and go star-gazing for some stunning photos of HK’s glittering skyline.


Sai Wan Swimming Shed

This rustic, rickety rackety swimming shed in Kennedy Town is a photographer’s wet dream.  Although it attracts more photographers than swimmers, some adventurous souls still use this as a spot to get changed before diving into HK’s questionable waters. If you want to stay dry (and sewage free), come here before sunset for some serene shots of the crashing waves.

Nearest MTR: Kennedy Town

Photo: Kashi Mahmood

Instagram Pier

You may have heard that HKers love Instagram so much that they have their very own “Instagram Pier”. A cargo-ship depot turned Insta-famous hotspot, come here for a vista of Victoria Harbour set against the urban contrast of cargo containers and black asphalt.

Nearest MTR: HKU


Hong Kong is home to beautiful and vibrant street art – various walls in Central have served as canvases to a plethora of international artists. From the hyper-realistic mural of Bruce Lee on Tank Street to elusive dragons that scuttle along the walls of coffee shops; some of the art may jump out and grab you whilst others are trickier to find.  Just take a walk along Upper Lascar Row in Central and embark on your own street-art tour, you will find plenty of spots to pose in front of! Another favourite is the three-dimensional Polar Bear in Sham Shui Po on Tai Nan Street, a colourful divergence from the greying buildings of Kowloon.


Nestled away between the towering skyscrapers of Kowloon lies the Chi Lin Nunnery. Home to a Buddhist monastery and tiered-roofed golden pagodas, these picturesque Chinese gardens are a stark contrast to the concrete jungle outside of its walls. Experience the Taoist side to Hong Kong at Central’s Man Mo temple, built during the Qing Dynasty, the allure of the incense coils that hang from the roof are sure to make for an enchanting photo.

Nearest MTRs; Chi Lin Nunnery (Diamond Hill) and Man Mo Temple (Central).


Hong Kong’s neighbouring islands are just a short ferry ride away and not only offer you an escape from the bustle of city life but plenty of photo opportunities, too. Rent a bike and explore the temples and markets in Cheung Chau, a sleepy village with with a colourful harbour of fishing boats. Or head to Lamma, a hippie haven where you can take snaps along the Morning Trail and then unwind at a quiet beach with a book.

To get to the Islands, just head to the Central ferry piers and jump on a boat. Ferries head to both Lamma and Cheung Chau throughout the day.


There you have some tips on the best Instagram spots in Hong Kong!

Where are your favourite places in Hong Kong to take photos? Do you have any recommendations?

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  1. Alex
    May 19, 2017 / 9:06 am

    I’ve got some goodies at Shek o, sai kung, tap mun, silver strand and central 🙂

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